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How to use Aemers Knowledgebase

Published on October 11, 2022 at 06:02 PM
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The knowledgebase is divided into various chronologically distinguishable sections. You can click on any of the article links and have it open on a page where the list of articles appear on the left pane. Articles are grouped with relevance and presented in various sections. Articles may have links to additional resources, which are included in the last section named resources vault. /(test article by Baha)

How to use Aemers Knowledgebase

This Knowledgebase has 12 sections: 

  1. The big picture
  2. Academic
  3. Extracurricular activities
    1. General ECA
    2. Research and publications
    3. Professional experience
  4. Standardized tests
    1. SAT, ACT - for undergraduate level
    2. GRE, GMAT - for graduate level
    3. IELTS, TOEFL, DET, MOI - English tests
  5. Money masterplan 
  6. Creative writing: SOP, LOR, and Essays
  7. College selection 
  8. Applying and applications 
    1. Interviews 
  9. Offer evaluation 
  10. From I-20 to visa issuance 
  11. Flying and life in the USA
  12. Resources vault


Who wrote these

Original articles were produced by a panel of experts deployed by Aemers. Later, the articles were peer-validated with more updated information. Many articles have been published on the social platforms (Facebook groups) for general discussion and review. This is how information gets recycled through the sieve of verification and remains peer-tested. 


The Awesome Sidebar

Each article has some attributes or “labels” that we summarized in the right sidebar (if viewed from a desktop device). These are: 


  • Quick read to glance over the summary
  • Primary audience: is that undergrad or graduate level
  • What related support can you expect from Aemers
  • Which section of the higher study journey is this article related to
  • What related simulation or video content, if any, is available from Aemers
  • Is this content specific to a particular time of the year or is it a time-sensitive topic
  • Aemers does not provide legal advising; does this article discuss legal issues, for which an attorney should be consulted
  • LInk to the social media where this article is discussed peer-reviewing 


We need your help!

Please help us to fix the mistakes that fell through the cracks. If you notice something, please notify us by sending a message on our group {SAT forum URL} or fill out the contact form {contact URL}


A few words

Your future self will thank you for stumbling upon this website. 

We wanted to create a database of knowledge essential for your scholarship in the USA. We called it the repository of “Higher Study Knowledge'', or simply the knowledgebase. Our purpose was very simple and unornamented — democratizing the information. This is because our philosophy is to disperse knowledge as ubiquitously as possible. You came across this website and read this far… we can’t express our gratitude enough. Our entire effort is to make your scholarship journey easier by catering all the essential information absolutely free. If you found this knowledgebase helpful and want to appreciate us, then please send us a testimonial on our Facebook page and share it with your friend ( You can always join the amazing creators’ team to review articles or even contribute with new writing. Interested? Fill out the contact us form {link to contact us page}.

Aemers LLC

Aemers stems from “amare” – the Latin for “love”. Every service we craft at Aemers, we glue that with genuine love. Likewise, the only phrase our fans use to portray our packages, is they ‘just loved it’.

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