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Abbreviations used in this Knowledgebase

Published on October 11, 2022 at 07:05 PM
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Below are some common abbreviations that international students should be familiar with while applying to US undergraduate programs

Abbreviations used in this Knowledgebase

A2C: Applying to College; common abbreviation used in college-applying generation.

Admission: Getting an offer from the college. Let them know by May 1st.

August 1: Common App application opens for that year.

BigFuture: Resource for College Board to find colleges.

Binding: If you apply and if they offer you the admission, you must get enrolled.

CoA: Cost of Attendance

College freshman: First year of college (equivalent to class 13)

College junior: Third year of college (equivalent to class 15)

College Senior: Fourth year of college (equivalent to class 16)

College Sophomore: Second year of college (equivalent to class 14)

CSS: College Scholarship Services; used by International students who can not apply for aid through FAFSA.

DN: Demonstrated Need

DS -160: US Embassy Visa Interview form.

Early Action: Applied early during November, non- Binding

Early Decision: Applied early during November, binding

ED2, ED3: Second and third Early Decision rounds.

EFC: Expected Family Contribution

Endowment: money received from alumni by the college. Great source of earning for private colleges, since they don’t get tax benefit.

Enrollment: Admitting into the program by paying and registering for the class.

FAFSA: Free Application For Federal Student Aid. Applicable for those who are US Citizens or permanent residents.

Flagship Campus: Main campus when the college has multiple campuses.

Full-ride scholarship: Aid that covers tuition and other expenses including meal, lodging and sometimes flight.

Full-tuition Scholarship: Aid that covers tuition and some related fees.

High school freshman: Student of Class nine

High school junior: Student of Class eleven, equivalent to HSC first year in Bangladesh.

High school senior: Student of Class twelve, equivalent to HSC second year in Bangladesh.

High school sophomore: Student of Class ten

I-20: Form I-20 which the College sends you to apply for the Visa.

In-state tuition: Reduced tuition for state- residents, given by state (public) universities. Not seen in private universities.

LAC: Liberal Arts College; small teaching-focused and mainly private colleges.

Legacy: (secondary meaning) Tendency or bias to give privileges to requests received from big donors of the university.

National College Decision Day: May 1

Non-binding: If you receive the offer, you may decline.

October 1: FAFSA and CSS opening day

Out-of-state tuition: higher tuition that out-state residents or international students pay, especially in the state universities.

Priority dates: Dates before which Rolling Admission programs give priority.

REA: Restrictive Early Action; you can’t apply to other programs at the same time.

Rolling admission: No deadline; you can apply until their class is full.

SCEA: Single Choice Early Action (similar to REA).

SEVIS: Student and Exchange Visitor Information System

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Sticker price: Tuition fee before an aid is awarded.

Yield: Percentage of students who actually get enrolled after receiving the admission offer.

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